Comparing 2024 Crypto Payroll Solutions

Managing payroll can be complex, especially for businesses operating in the crypto space. This article compares the top crypto payroll providers of 2024, focusing on features, W2 employee support and pricing to help you make an informed decision. Our detailed comparison table includes Franklin, Request Finance, Bitwage, Rise Works, and Deel, highlighting their strengths and costs.

Franklin: A Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

Summary: A comprehensive all-in-one solution for managing payroll both onchain and in USD, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Further, they support healthcare and financial benefits with automated deductions. In addition to payroll, Franklin provides global contractor payments, expense reimbursement management, accounts receivable for customer invoicing, and accounts payable for paying vendor invoices.

  • W2 Employee Support: Yes. Franklin automates tax withholdings, IRS filings and IRS payments. Their onboarding process supports tax form collection & distribution as well as benefits setup & corporate registrations.

  • USD Payments Support: Yes. Payroll & payments can be distributed in both crypto and USD.

  • Onchain Transaction Fees: Franklin is a gasless platform and covers all onchain transaction costs for customers.

  • Off-Ramping: Franklin supports stablecoin off-ramping allowing customers to fund USD payroll and payments with stablecoins

  • Pricing:

    • Contractors: $10 per contractor per month.

    • Employees: $15 per employee per month.

    • Platform Fee: Starter plan at $30/month for teams of 3 or fewer increasing to $45/month for teams of 4 or more.

Request Finance: Simplified Invoicing with Low Fees

Summary: A long time player in the crypto payments space, Request Finance is primarily focused on sending and receiving invoices but doesn't support payroll features such as tax withholdings and filings, benefits, or deductions.

  • W2 Employee Support: No. Request Finance is focused on sending and receiving invoices.

  • USD Payments Support: Yes. You can pay invoices in USD by using their off-ramping feature which allows you to fund USD payments using crypto; however, you can not connect your company's bank account to make USD -> USD payments.

  • Onchain Transaction Fees: The payer pays the Ethereum gas fee or other network fees.

  • Off-Ramping: Request Finance supports crypto to USD off-ramping, allowing users to fund their USD payments with their crypto.

  • Pricing:

    • Transaction Fees: A tiered transaction fee once a processing limit has been hit, starting at 1% of transaction volume

    • Platform Fee: Request has tiered solutions with increasing platform fees providing more features and an increased processing limit, starting at $100 after the free tier

Bitwage: Flexibility and Integration

Summary: Bitwage provides flexibility by integrating with existing payroll systems instead of providing the payroll services themselves. Employers can connect Bitwage to their existing Payroll Provider (such as ADP) and route payments through Bitwage which allows them to convert payroll into other currencies including crypto.

  • W2 Employee Support: Yes. Bitwage leverages the W2 employee support of the employer's existing payroll provider and Bitwage handles the payment processing.

  • USD Payments Support: Yes. Because Bitwage is connected to other payroll providers it can process payments in USD in addition to crypto.

  • Off-Ramping: Bitwage doesn't explicitly support off-ramping for employers, but because employers are funding all payments in USD through their primary payroll provider, Bitwage is functionally providing off-ramping services.

  • Pricing:

    • Employees: $7.99 per employee per month

    • ACH Debit Fees: 0.5% of transaction volume plus $0.50 per payroll funded with ACH Debit

    • Credit Card Fees: 3.5% of transaction volume plus $0.3 per payroll funded with credit card

    • Stablecoin Fees: 2% of transaction volume on payroll in stablecoins

Riseworks: Hybrid Payroll Solutions

Summary: Rises offers hybrid payroll solutions that support both fiat and crypto payments, focused on global contractor payments. They focus heavily on compliance for onboarding global contractors but don't presently support US based crypto payroll.

  • W2 Employee Support: Not Yet. Rise currently doesn't support US based payroll, but they do note that they are working on an Employer of Record solution: "Everything your offshore business needs to hire, onboard and pay US employees compliantly, across all 52 states."

  • USD Payments Support: Yes. Rise provides a financial network that allows users to pay in both crypto as well as in fiat currencies.

  • Off-Ramping: Yes, USDC to fiat currencies. Rise provides USD conversion to several fiat currencies including USD, CAD, and EURO.

  • Pricing:

    • Rise offers several pricing models

      • contractors: $50 per contractor per month

      • OR a 3% of payment volume plan

Deel: Comprehensive Global Payroll

Summary: Deel is a comprehensive solution for global payroll that added support for payouts in crypto by partnering with Coinbase. Deel is an EOR that comes at a hefty price tag but provides an all encompassing employment solution for global teams.

  • W2 Employee Support: Yes. Deel is an EOR that provides global employment solutions including in the US.

  • USD Payments Support: Yes. Deel's primary business is in USD based payroll and eventually expanded to crypto payroll.

  • Off-Ramping: Yes, through Coinbase partnership. For employees accepting part of their paycheck in crypto, they receive their crypto payroll in their connected Coinbase account.

  • Pricing:

    • Contractors: $49 per contractor per month

    • EOR: $599 per employee for EOR services

    • Crypto Transaction Fees: Standard 1.5% Coinbase fees apply when the USD payroll is traded for crypto.


Choosing the right crypto payroll provider depends on your business's specific needs. Franklin offers a competitive and comprehensive solution for companies needing both onchain and USD payments with full compliance. Request Finance is highly focused on invoicing, while Bitwage offers flexibility and integration with existing systems. Rise Works provides a global contractor focused solution, and Deel excels in managing global payrolls with robust compliance and tax handling.

By comparing these providers based on pricing, features, and transaction fees, you can select the best fit for your organization, ensuring efficient and compliant payroll management in the evolving crypto landscape.

  • "We've been using Franklin for over a year and it is the easiest way to manage global crypto payments."

    Zeng Jiajun


  • "I wholeheartedly recommend Franklin—a startup that's doing an excellent job tackling global payment challenges in crypto and fiat. Their outstanding support, quick responses, and genuine commitment to problem-solving, make them an invaluable partner in making our payroll processes smoother."

    Sarah Luehrs

    Head of Operations

  • "Franklin provides an excellent solution to a crypto payroll service. It's versatility, coupled with excellent support and intuitive platform design makes it a great choice for businesses looking to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their payroll processes - would highly recommend!"

    Lindsey McConaghy


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Incubated by Serotonin, a product studio and marketing firm for transformative technologies.

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Incubated by Serotonin, a product studio and marketing firm for transformative technologies.

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