Franklin open-sources oz-defender python package

May 18, 2023

At Franklin, we both value and benefit immensely from open-source projects. Open-source tech is intimately tied with the principles of decentralization that govern the ethos of crypto. As a part of the shared responsibility we have as a web3 business, we’re excited to announce the release of our first open-source package, oz-defender, a humble Python package that wraps Open Zeppelin’s Defender API.

Offering gasless transactions has quickly become a norm for consumer and business-facing web3 applications. It enables users to more easily interact with decentralized technologies. OZ Defender’s Relay API made that dead simple for us and we were lucky that it existed when we began building Franklin. There is a robust JavaScript package that already exists but since our backend is written in Django, we needed something written in Python. After seeing that no such package existed, we wrote our own and now are happy to open-source it for use by the larger community.

Right now, the package just wraps the Relay API, with a RelayClient and RelayerClient class, but we’re putting out the call to add more functionality that wraps Defender’s suite, such as Autotasks. In the open-source spirit, we welcome any and all contributions from the community to improve the package!

If you are interested to learn more or contribute, please check out our post in the Open Zeppelin forum or find the code here.

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