Franklin Integration with GnosisSafe

Apr 12, 2023

When we first started coding Franklin, we knew multi-sig support would be a critical feature of our application. In fact, many of our crypto-native competitors base their entire payments products around UI wrappers of Gnosis Safes. Doing everything through a multi-sig wallet is standard operating procedure for web3, but it also comes with the limitation where everything has to be a multi-sig transaction. To make our product flexible and frictionless for larger companies, where roles are more siloed, we wanted to separate the multi-sig flow for treasury management, a highly sensitive operation, from day-to-day payroll and workforce management.

Technically integrating Gnosis Safe’s products into our app was greatly simplified with the help of the safe-eth-py package, and we’re grateful for the work the Gnosis Safe team has done to build out such great tooling.

In practice, this means that we support multi-sigs, but not every flow in our app requires a multi-sig transaction. Multi-sigs are responsible for depositing and withdrawing funds from an organization’s smart contract treasury, while payroll administrators can still run payroll and manage their workforce with a single signer flow. This is a standard that exists in TradFi but has been missing from crypto and enables us to be able to support a different target market than exclusively web3 startups.

If you’re an organization with a Gnosis Safe treasury it's now easier than ever to use Franklin to manage your payroll needs in a tax-compliant way. Hit us up at

  • "We've been using Franklin for over a year and it is the easiest way to manage global crypto payments."

    Zeng Jiajun


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    Sarah Luehrs

    Head of Operations

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    Lindsey McConaghy