Automated Corporate Registrations

Oct 30, 2023

The United States operates like 50 mini countries when it comes to employment law and payroll taxes. If your company is signing up for its first payroll software, or you want to move off of your PEO, you’ll need to file for corporate registrations in each state that you have W2 employees. 

This whole process just became a lot easier with Franklin.

When you sign up with Franklin we have most if not all of the information required to make these filings in each of the 50 states. We can pre-fill your application in each state that’s required. The payroll administrators just needs to review and sign, saving tons of time and paperwork. This process could take as little as one business day and is all electronic. We’ll also help manage the mail you receive from each state.

Starting at $150.

Sign up with Franklin and contact us to learn more.

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    Zeng Jiajun


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    Sarah Luehrs

    Head of Operations

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    Lindsey McConaghy